Found 11th Oct 2008
Just did the crucial scanner on my system and this is what it recommended for my laptop:…304

However, I found this on…tml , is it the same thing as its a lot cheaper?!

Thanks in advance

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The one is the same specification as the Crucial one. However, PNY is near the bottom end of the memory market - if you're lucky it will work and last you a couple of years. :roll:

However, if your laptop uses DDR, it's probably at least 3 years old so the PNY memory may well last as long as the laptop. At that price differential, it's probably not really that bad a buy though, personally, I wouldn't touch PNY memory with a bargepole.

There is very little difference between memory running at the default specifications, as i doubt you will be looking to over clocking the cheap stuff will be fine for your needs.

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Cheers guys, will go for the cheap one, need more RAM cheap as, especially for FM2009 coming out :thumbsup:

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How has this just gone up to £32.99 now that I want to order it?! Doubled in price!!!
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