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    I've never truly understood this, so perhaps someone will be able to explain it!!

    I am in the process of updating my mother-in-law's PC, i have put in some Ram that i had laying around, DDR333 - PC2700 (512mb), which has enabled me to install Windows 7 for her. I want to put in the max the motherboard can handle though (2gb), the stuff i took out was DDR 400 (256mb)

    What Ram do i need to buy? On e-buyer i can find DDR333 - PC2700 stuff, as i know that works, but it's like £25 per GB, when i put the stuff in mine it was £10 per GB.

    I have built a few computers, and upgraded mine several times, and i suppose i've just guessed right when replacing the RAM each time!!

    Anybody able to help?

    Also, any recommendations for a cheap, basic, graphics card? not for gaming, maybe occasional DVD watching, hers comes out on the Windows experience at 1!!!

    Thanks again


    Scan with this it will tell you what you can have max amount etc…_ir

    Click scan my system
    Go from there

    DDR400 is normally PC3200 & DDR333 is normally PC2700. Depending on the MOBO (as some r quite picky), they will run both. The price of RAM has defn gone up due to $ exchange rates & the price memory trades on the market (yes there is a market for trading memory chips). I upgraded a few years ago & 1GB was around £10-15, the same memory today is around £20-25. Basically, go max on the MOBO if u can (in this case 2GB). Also, if u need details of the 'insides' of yr PC (components etc.), there's a nice free app. called Everest Home Edition, it'll tell u everything abt yr machine once installed.…181

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    Thanks for that

    Each memory slot can hold DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*
    Rep left

    Any ideas for graphics card?

    Morning Sancho; hope you're planning a nice week!
    I'm clueless but my hubby says this, so hope it helps.

    "Older" computers use DDR ram and that used to be very cheap. All … "Older" computers use DDR ram and that used to be very cheap. All motherboards and computers that you by now use ether DDR2 or DDR3 ram which is pretty cheap. Because the demand for older DDR ram is is much lower that has now become have a scanner which will tell you what ram your computer needs, but the cost problem for older memory will not improve.

    Oh, a bit late! Took me a while to find him.

    ....also remember that 'High Density' ram is cheaper as it does not work with all MOBO's. The Low Density stuff is more expensive as it has a higher compatibility (1GB in each slot with a max of 2GB is more than enuff & shld run majority of games/apps). Decent graphics card's can cost up to £200, so it all depends on yr budget!

    If you're not gaming then any graphics card will do, the current low end models are the 4350 and 4550 for ATI and (I think) the 9400GT and GT210 for nVidia. Pick whichever's the best value for you taking into account features like connections (do you need vga for a projector? if not two DVI/HDMI) ones are best) and heatsinks (entirely passive with no fan is nice and quiet).

    Do check that the computer has a PCI-E 16x slot first though.


    I'm clueless but my hubby says this, so hope it helps.

    Unfortunately rising memory prices and DDR3 becoming more mainstream (And a few other reasons) have caused DDR2 to skyrocket in the past month or two.. I bought 4GB DDR2 for £35 in July, now you're looking at £60+ in a lot of cases.. it's pants.

    Nor has DDR3 really come down to what I would call overly affordable levels yet; it has creeped upward somewhat just like DDR2. Once we're in the ~£50 zone for 4GB I'll say it's a decent price.

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    Thanks for all replies, it was mainly the price that was throwing me, but the reason makes sense now. Everything is more expensive when we've got less money, go figure.

    I updated the driver for the current graphics card and it's not bad now actually, the MIL literally uses the PC for basic internet and word processing, she didn't really need Windows 7 but she got the £30 offer and i told her how good it is!!

    Think she'll notice the differeece going from 256mb Ram windows xp to 2b Ram Windows 7!!

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    Morning Sancho; hope you're planning a nice week!I'm clueless but my … Morning Sancho; hope you're planning a nice week!I'm clueless but my hubby says this, so hope it helps.Oh, a bit late! Took me a while to find him.

    Thanks Chesso, mainly DIY and report writing planned tbh

    Although i am really really trying to get out and take some pictures
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