RAM question - please can someone advise?

    I have an old P4 - 3.2ghz system on a P4 P800E motherboard with 2GB Kingston RAM in it. (2 x 1GB DDR400 PC3200 I think).

    I still have 2 memory slots free and my friend has an old RAMBO 1GB DDR400 chip lying around which he said I could have.

    Does anyone know if I can add this chip and would it work well? I've been doing some reading and I'm supposed to install in pairs to achieve faster ram speeds. Would i actually be making my RAM slower by adding another chip?



    You dont need to worry about having to add in pairs, and no it won't make it slower!
    I'll work fine.

    goto and take the memory scanner, it will tell you how much RAM your system can take.

    You can try it but mixing memory can make it unstable depends on the chips used by the memory. If its the same speed/ Latency.. etc. Just try


    dont need to install ddr ram in pairs. it wont do any harm but doubt your pc would make use of more than 2gb anyway

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    Thanks everyone. I'll add some rep for you. And I may as well add the ram if it can't do any harm!
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