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    Ok so i got 2x1gb dominator ram. Maximum speed is 1033mhz.

    ATM in the bios they are set at 667 with auto voltage. I tried changing the speed to 1033 and put the volvage to 2.1 but on boot i got the blue screen. Changed the settings back and it worked, any advice on the right settings for the ram


    you got the part number for the dominator

    Make sure the bios you have has no problems booting at specified speed eg check for latest bios see if it fixes any issues regarding this.

    us SPD for memory (AUTO) eg so it sets cas by serial presence detect say 5-5-5-12 etc the slowest of the cas ratings before using an EPP

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    CM2X1024-8500C5D is the model of the ram

    i have an xfx 680i, will check for any updates but the latency settings were auto aswell

    try them @ 800 see if you can post…189

    look at 2.10v > 2.20v

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    it works at 800 with auto voltage.

    Both 1033, 1066 at 2.1 and 2.2 this time made it to the desktop before blue screening again

    Try raising north bridge to 1.40. (Search google for some overclocking guides for the 680i it will have some things mentioned as being a BEST IF eg spread spectrum / Intel speedstep turned off as well as other things to run stable this might give a clue on getting your memory to run @1066)

    but I would just run that memory run @800Mhz and try 4-4-4-12 timings and maybe even a 1T command rate.

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    ok mate i will try your advice, if that does not work i will sell these and just buy 800mhz ram
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