RAM Upgrade On ASUS 1011PX Netbook?

Posted 22nd Dec 2011
I just bought this netbook from Currys, and an additional 2GB RAM from Crucial.

I'm looking for information on how to do the actual upgrade and was wondering who might have done it before is able to help at all?

I've looked for videos and tutorials but Google just seems to list places where I can buy RAM. The video I did find says to open the little memory compartment on the bottom side of the netbook, which I've done. but then the next step says to press the tab on the sides which makes the RAM popout - the issue I have is that there are no tabs! In the memory compartment all I can see is the bottom side of the motherboard.

Am I missing something really obvious here? Have I received a crippled version of the netbook from Currys? Are only American models upgradeable?

Chances are I'm just being a total numpty, but any help would be greatly appreciated regardless.

Thanks in advance
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