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    so ive gone and got myself voluntered to help @ a summer fete to help raise some money for the kids boxing club..

    ive thought of getting a big sheet of wood and cutting a hole in so the trainer can stick his head in and have sponges of water thrown at him..

    reckon it would be funnier though if got a picture painted on it so it looks like hes a big lady like you used to see on holidays for funny photos where you put your head through but i cant seem to find any examples of them..

    any one know what there called or seen any photos of them anywhere??



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    ok as you can see i wont be painting the picture but this is an idea of what i hope to achieve lol....

    just some 2*2 for a triangle frame either end.. (can use dumbells from the gym to weigh it down

    and for the front would chipboard hold out under the water??

    was thinking an 8 ft by 4 ft board.

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    They are called stocks

    thanks, was hoping to use a board i think as thought the pitcure would make it funnier


    ]You mean this sort of thing?

    yea thats what i was thinking off.. cheers. any idea what there called also ?

    someones mentioned marine plywood also rather than chipboard due to the water??

    cut out?

    "seaside photo head through hole"

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Stick that into Google.
    First one is "" who seem to charge £200.00 to supply one of these.
    Another one is "" but that link seems broken.
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