Random i know but going to Dubai in March what is it like....

    i am going to stay with my friend and her parents in Abu dabi in March...i want to know what it is like....what there is to do....what clothes i will need to take it may sound silly but i want to know what kind of thing to expect....


    Is it safe to go there if you're not a millionaire with a security team?

    it's sandy , ya can build sand castles and wear :thinking: ......sandals

    I think you may confused, but Abu Dabai and Dubai are NOT the same thing.

    The country they are both in is called the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is made up of a number of different Arab areas (or Emirates).

    One of these areas (Emirates) is Dubai

    Another of the areas (Emirates) is Abu Dhabi.

    They are both in the UAE, but which one are you going to?

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    ummmm dubai i think well that where im flying in to .... i just have no idea what to expect......luckily rob ill be with a family of them :O:D lucky meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I have been to Dubai but not Abu Dabai.

    They are both Muslim countries, who (I think) both make their money from Oil.

    Until the 1950s they were mostly small, fairly backward, places where many people still lived in tents.

    Because the oil is running out they have both made great strides to modernise and build huge skyscrapers and modern shopping centres.

    Because of the good weather and beaches they are trying hard to attract tourists who want a break during our awful winters (like now).

    Even though they are Muslims they are fairly tolerant of "westerners", and although they tolerate alcohol and the wearing of some clothes showing skin, they will not tolerate people getting drunk or taking drugs, and would frown on topless bathing for example.

    You can read more about Dubai here…bai

    You can read more about Abu Dhabi here…abi

    I went last March - toasty during the day but quite chilly at night. Take a light jumper.

    there is no spoon, sorry I mean no snow

    Abu Dhabi is quite far away from Dubai. Its still a nice place though.

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    thanks big an gil much appreciated
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