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When you go to the pub and have a pint, there is a logo at the top of the glass. Looks like some kinda coat of arms or something. I guess that just means that its defo a pint sized glass. But there is a number under the logo, and its different on different glasses. Two glasses of the same style can have different numbers too. I was just wondering if anyone knew what these numbers referred to, cause our 'sad' debates in the pub have come to no conclusion!!!

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to keeps drunks drinking and debating lol

The coat of arms thing does confirm its a pint glass.

The number underneath indicates the amount of time it takes for the remaining froth to reach the bottom of the glass once you have finished drinking it.

Try it! You'd be suprised!

EDIT: brimmas...I was hoping you'd play along! :lol:

try this uk red tape white lies answer may be there

the number is the identity of the weights and measures inspector in the factory where it was manufactured the person who checked it all on www,

Cool! I have learnt something today!!

me too !!!

EDIT: brimmas...I was hoping you'd play along! sorry birdy boy bit slow tonight think i need that pint lol

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Ahhhhh, I seee! I'm going to wow everyone with my intellect next time now!!! And for some stupid reason I actually belived you birdyboy...but only for a couple of seconds!!

The numbers, etc are also etched on the glass to give a rough surface you may have noticed. This was devised to give points of nucleation (i.e. a rough surface) for the carbon dioxide in the beer to come out of solution and form bubbles, when these rise through your beer then it helps make the head on the beer last longer.

Edit, realised OP was talking of the one at the top of the glass, the one I'm talking about is on the bottom of the glass on the inside.

Also, on some pint glasses, if they have a smokey kinda dot in centre at the bottom it means its a lager glass! The smokey dot keeps the fizz in the lager somehow! This is true by the way!
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