Random question but can you watch family guy or south park on your iphone/touch without buying it through itunes?

    tittle says all really


    You can if its jailbroken. Ive got a app called Mobile Theatre throught cydia, you can watch loads of tv shows, movies, listen to music.

    If you have them on DVD you can convert them to ipod format using a free program from here

    doesnt need to be jailbroken for southpark, in safari just type in

    Why not youtube it?

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    my ipod is jail broken and movie theatre doesnt work


    my ipod is jail broken and movie theatre doesnt work

    I use spcentral all the time picture quality is perfect and it lists all seasons..

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    thanks alot everyone. i am also downloading them so i can watch them out and about

    download from streaming websites (can find many online through sites like sidereel) or elsewhere
    then convert to iphone format (using videora or such)
    and presto!
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