Ahhh I feel like exploding

    i found the perfect holiday, to suit my needs, and just as i was to about to book it, it DISAPPEARED! literally 5 minutes earlier it was still here, but i closed the tab as i had to confirm something first. ALL alternatives are twice the price


    mabye error removed...


    Ha haaa

    You gotta strike while the irons hot:giggle:

    Serves you right for hesitating :w00t:

    try calling somtimes its removed for the next offer but is still avalible if u call

    Original Poster

    office is closed until 10 tomorrow. but i will do so

    Original Poster

    strangely enough the flights i had seen were not even in their scheduled timetable?

    this has happened to me a few times and its really annoying, once i was on the phone trying to book it and it went!
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