rant about next - not to do with sale!!

ok is it only me, as i dont really read the terms n stuff when i took out my next book, but usually with credit, the miumum payments is a percentage of the total balance no?? but hlowever last statment from next was balance 91.99 minumim payment 10, however i had alot oh money lo so i paid 80, this statment outstanding balance 11.99 mimume payyment 10!! i think thats strange lol, cuz that would mean when i have 1.99 left all have to pay 10?


Most places do a percentage OR minimum payment, so if your balance is big enough you pay the percentage, if not you pay the minimum payment. For Next it looks like that minimum is £10...they do it to reduce the overheads and costs of processing tiny payments...

Shell, do you know what the percentage rate is on the next account? I think (by googling) it's about 26-27%, which is HORRIBLY high.

You'd be better off paying off your next account in full each time you use it. If your funds don't really allow you to do this, still pay it off in full, but use your normal credit card to help you out for a different necessity - like food shopping. I'm sure the APR on your normal credit card will be lower than the next account.

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ye i know, i dont have a credit card, cut it up, after i piad it off, ye i know its huge, ave only had it used ti 3 times, and i paid of 80
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