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Found 25th Jun 2007
Hi folks,

I don't know why but i felt i needed to vent my frustration somehow. I currently work for orange but had previously worked for o2 for a couple of years. I phoned up to see about upgrading a couple of months ago as i was really happy with my tariff. I wasn't even that bothered about getting a new handset. They would not offer anywhere near the same deal so i said that i would probably just cancel. I also requested my pac code because i was prob gonna port onto orange.

All was fine and i recieved my pac code so i phoned orange and sorted out the number transfer. I was shocked then that i recieved a bill from o2 charging me £50 termination fee. My line rental only worked out at roughly £25 pounds a month so where they got £50 from i will never know. I went into the o2 store where i used to work and they were as bemused as i was so we phoned up...to cut a long story short i was told tough luck i should have been aware after signing the t&c's when i took out the contract blah blah.

The more i thought about it the more it angered me, not because of the money really but more the fact that i wasn't made aware that it would cost me nearly double the amount to request my pac code than just wait til the end of my contract. Customers are advised all the time to request their pac code if they want to cancel but never was i aware that they would charge you for doing so.

Whats more i tried to phone up about it today again to see if i could get anyone more helpful and i was disgusted with the girl who spoke to me. I am always polite on the phone and never get angry because it doesn't get you anywhere and i am well used to it working in a phone shop for the past 6 years. This girl on the other end of the phone was at times laughing and enjoying the fact that i was confused and was making a joke out of it. For example she told me that on top of the termination fee they had charged me for calls and texts and gprs which apparently because i cancelled early i was having to pay for also (made no sense what so ever). When i asked how much of this so called gprs i used she replied "only about £3-4 not really a big deal is it" you could tell she was obviously making some sort of faces to her colleague working alongside with her.

Rather than waste anymore of my time i decided to just take it on the chin as a lesson learned and im not slating o2 as a whole here because every network has their faults but i was just so disheartened at how i was treated, making me feel as though i was causing so much fuss over nothing even though i was trying to be as polite and clam as possible.

Anyway rant over...poor me :-(
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Hi folks,I don't know why but i felt i needed to vent my frustration … Hi folks,I don't know why but i felt i needed to vent my frustration somehow. I currently work for orange but had previously worked for o2 for a couple of years.

you worked for two of the leading mobile phone companies and didn't know they charge you for a pac code? I knew this and i've never worked for a mobile phone company...:?
everyone signs an agreement so if you terminate it early surely you would know youd need to stump up the rest of the line rental to fulfil the contract ?
Yeah i know what you are saying, obviously if i was cancelling my contract early i knew i would be charged but as far as i was aware i was giving 30 days notice. I feel customers should be warned though. 1 months line rental for me should only have been £25 but where do they get £50 plus call charges???
were you out of contract?? as in was your 12 or 18 months up? if not you would have got charged till the end of them. Also if you ported part way through the month your line would be canx from the day you ported so you would not get your full allowance of minutes ect which is why you would have been charged extra for that.
I had quite a bad experience with O2 aswell recently - back in October, it was time to upgrade - I had been spending about £50 a month, so they were keen to keep me, offered me a great deal, new phone, and told me I was an O2 Select Customer, meaning I could get an early upgrade in May.

I called them up near the end of May, only to be told there was no such record of that offer to me, I wasn't a select customer, and I couldn't get an upgrade till August - Yes, I was annoyed!!

Anyway, I called them up a further 3 times, and got out of 1 of the people I spoke to that there WAS a record of me being offered the early upgrade, but it was a mistake. No further answers were given, and I was fuming. I wrote a letter of complaint to O2 Customer services, and got a phonecall back regarding it - was finally told that i WAS a select customer, but that early upgrades didn't exist (which i know is not true!!!). He told me he would get me a great deal when my upgrade came along, and for the time being sent me a new phone for my current damaged phone (N73).

I know i've not been left out of pocket from this, but you can imagine the dissapointment, thinking you're going to take up an offer, only to be told that it doesn't exist! Suffice to say, if O2 don't do something good come August, i'll be checking in on HUKD for a good phone contract deal!!
I generally find mobile networks useless, I expect hassle when I try to do anything.

Last year my contract ended and I preferred Vodafone so I phoned up to cancel O2 - however they offered me a very good offpeak deal with no handset, in total it would have cost me three months line rental. I took the offer, I had 14 days to cancel if I changed my mind which gave me time to think about it - I changed my mind and it was no problem cancelling.

Two months later I noticed a 170 pound debit on my account which I immediately phoned up O2 about - they'd charged me 170 pounds for the full year's line rental on my original tariff (nothing to do with the upgrade), the person couldn't tell me why. She could put the refund through but it would take up to two weeks which I was a bit irritated about...the operator recommended reversing the charge at the bank instead and I could have my money back straight away. I was immediately wary but this was apparently fine and a note would be put on my account - I went ahead and had the money back that day.

Three months later I received a letter from a debt collection agency wanting this money, I immediately phoned them up and told them this was an error but all they wanted to know was when I was making full payment. I tried to get through to the relevent department at O2 but no-one could seem to care and I was getting more threatening letters by the day from the debt collection agency threatening me that they would be coming to my door to collect the debt. After a very long and persistant call with o2 I finally managed to get someone who took two seconds to actually check my account and cancelled the debt collection agency without any apology or any indication of concern.

I know mistakes can be made but where I rate a company is how well they deal with them and that's where I feel particularly let down by O2.

Wow some terrible stories there makes mine sound a bit trivial to be fair. I know what you guys above are saying is true but i just think it is common sense to alert the customer of these things to stop them from happening. In my case i was in n way demanding my pac code, i was merely asking for it when my contract had finished. I recieved it and thought that i should then get the transfer out of the way. What stopped the cs rep saying " just be aware that if you do use the pac code before...blah blah!

I most certainly would never treat a customer in that way. I make sure they are fully aware of what they need to do and always (whether they are nasty or not) will help them get the best possible service.

I know it was partly my own stupidity but like the two previous guys i feel let down by o2 cs.
wohoo i'm a flame thrower!
Sorry for all the posts but although orange have their problems too as any network does. 2 things really make them stand out for me:

1. If you don't take insurance and you get your phone stolen or damaged you can get it replaced for a fee of £30 if take care for the remainder of your contract. Much better than saying "ah well i told ya so!"

2. You can upgrade early!!! why doesnt every network do this??? Obviously the more you spend the earlier you upgrade but everyone starts off with £300 fee which goes down by £50 a time as you get closer to your term end or if you spend a lot. It means that when te £100 buyback promo is on, and you still have a £100 fee but really want an upgrade. You can trade in the old handset for £100 and cancel that right out. It is def one of the best ideas orange ever came up with imho.

Simple solution to a lot.

Use email as much as possible in your correspondence.

I'm on an online tariff and i refuse to phone call centre staff with mobile companies now.
Every time i have, they have made a mistake, its just not funny.
My friend called to upgrade his contract and get more minutes and texts, they downgraded it to the lowest possible while he used the minutes and textshe thought he had, and got a whopping bill for a few hundred at the end of the month.
They said tough, but he dug out an email confirming the details and they backed down.
Similar happened to me and a few friends, and we all left.
Was O2 as well btw.

Vodafone are as bad by the way.
Every time i call them they cant make a mistake, as they generally dont know what contract i'm on most the time or any details.

Anyway, if you use email, they will outline any charges and changes you make to your account.
Always gives you something to fall back on, because i wouldnt trust any of them an inch.
Never thought of doing that haggishunter...good advice mate!!!

Rep Given!!!
I don't think I've ever received a response by e-mail.

To be fair to O2, I find them all useless - earlier this year when it came to upgrading on Vodafone, I was happy with the number and tariff so just wanted some cheap line rental deal since I wasn't looking for a handset. They offered me a slight discount which I took but then they cocked up all the paperwork by which time I'd found a much better deal with a new contract so I cancelled as they said I could. I didn't want to lose the number entirely so I asked for the PAC so I could 'park' the number on a different network, opting for an Orange PAYG. All seemed fine, as I didn't trust them at all I phoned back the next day and there as no record of my cancellation or the request for a PAC(!). I asked for them again and phoned back the next day...this time the PAC code request was showing up but no cancellation. After many phone calls, very late PAC details being received I eventually managed to get my number without them screwing up but it was a heck of a lot of hassle.

When it came to cancelling my Orange contract, it was more simple - I didn't want it, plain and simple. I was asked a few times what they could change to make me stay etc. but were quickly convinced it was a lost cause. I was told about the final bill and payments which was what I expected. A couple of months after the disconnection I received a bill for the full line rental which was not right as I paid in advance and it should only be call charges - phoned up Orange and was asked to enter my phone number. Tapped it in but was immediately rejected...waited for the option to talk to an operator but I kept being asked for my number. I battered in some numbers and hashes to try and confuse it to put me through to some switchboard or just anyone but it wasn't having any of it. Finally it gave me an option if I didn't have an Orange number...phew! I navigated through the menus to get to the accounts department when I hit the wall again - it wanted my phone number. This time I was patient and eventually it let me through again, I discussed it with an operator who told me to cancel the direct debit and pay any final bill direct. Hmm...wasn't happy about that after my experience with O2 but she offered to cancel it from their end which I took. Now I was waiting for a bill for thirty pence or something(?), I received a few strange bills, then an apology and a cheque for 20 quid. It seems if I hadn't manually cancelled the direct debit separately from cancelling the account they would have carried on billing me.

I've never had the joys of Tmobile - once bought a Virgin sim that never once managed to find reception, that one went straight back unsurprisingly.


wohoo i'm a flame thrower!

Medal on its way :thumbsup:

Now to get back to cancelling my contract with 3 and PFY :x
John it is nightmare at times isn't it? Now you know what i have to put up with on a daily basis in the retial store with idiots like that workin in cs. By the way that is not a general description of those working in cs as many of them are superb but you do get some absolute idiots who really cause more damage than good.

Makes you really appreciate pay as you go at times lol
aye agree ive had a couple of barnies with the people at Bury and Slough

John it is nightmare at times isn't it? Now you know what i have to put … John it is nightmare at times isn't it? Now you know what i have to put up with on a daily basis in the retial store with idiots like that workin in cs. By the way that is not a general description of those working in cs as many of them are superb but you do get some absolute idiots who really cause more damage than good.Makes you really appreciate pay as you go at times lol

I agree I worked on T- mobile cust servises for 5 years and was a specific billing advisor for 2 of them. There was 9 of us to deal with all the seriously complex billing enquiries that came in from the whole of tmobile. But some of the calls we used to get through were just from numpties in cust services that didn't have a clue.
I worked for vodafone upgrades for 2 years before that and that was even worse (back in the day that the 3210 was the phone that EVERYONE had to have :giggle:)
I have to be totally fair though and say some of the calls we got from the shops were the worst (phones4u were possably the worst store in the world to deal with ) they would tell the customers they could have x y z and they wouldn't even have checked the customers accounts so we wwould have people with 6 months left on their contracts phoning up about upgrading and giving us hell.

Some of the store people were great but there was some that just made you wonder if they even looked at a phone that day! but then some of the cust services people made me wonder if they even looked at their computer screans
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