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    does anyone know whats the cheapest place to get a rapid share premium account??


    I'm afraid its the only place to get one.

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    ive seen people on other forums having links to site that are about cheaper then whats on the front page of thought someone would know

    just search "rapidshare" on ebay and ther is a few there. Someone from Germany is selling a 1 month pass for around £4

    It's only a £5 from RS, I know where I'd buy mine from !!!!

    I have access to a Premium acc and it's worth every penny if you use it a lot. (It is used to store Hi-Res Pics before you start waffling about illegal downloads....)

    your not supposed to but i share mine with a mate £10 each for six months
    well worth it...I would only buy from rapidshare not worth the grief getting ripped of for the sake of a couple of quid

    I just buy mine every 3 months for about £6.90 then at the end of each year i have enough points to get another 3 months for free. works out less than £2 a month

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    bought if from an ebay seller with the user name of bahran i think. will confirm this when im at home. worked out £18 for the whole year which i think is a bargain. had 1 problem with the account first but the seller sorted it out with a day so defiantly recommend him

    Best to just buy from Rapidshare. You only need to pay for a month at a time if needed and it's very cheap.


    Probably not what you want OP, but if you don't mind using a shared account (and get Megashares thrown in as well) you could become a VIP member of Moviex at $6 a month (or less). Depends on whether you just want to download or actually put up your own stuff for storage.

    Buy from rapidshare to avoid peeps selling to you for cheaper price changing your passwords
    If you buy directly from RS they send new password to you within 5 mins.
    I got mine hacked and lost 10000 premium points, I called up and got my password reset and they refunded the 10000 points
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