rapidshare help please

    signed up to rapidshare = £5 a month

    i had it all set up on my desktop and had ' Flashget ' and ' winrar ' downloaded and successfully got 'dont mess with the zohan',

    Then i tried to set it up on my lappy and when i tried to import the list of links from notepad it only downloaded the links not the actual video. Can anyone tell me where im going wrong, it would be much appreciated as im just wasting what ive paid for really



    you will have a collection of links 7 or 8 normally. You need to download each of these and then using winrar open and then the film will be available to watch

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    yeh theres normally that many, but when i want flashget to download them, it doesnt actually download the film. just the link and i dont know what im doing wrong, arrgghhh. thanks anyway

    pm'ed you

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    pm'ed you

    thankyou, ill have a butchers now

    Try utorrent its free :thumbsup:

    I think the above is a 'step or two' advanced from utorrent as it cannot be traced ;-)

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    Try utorrent its free :thumbsup:

    been there but takes a little to long for me

    Are you downloading the same thing twice? Why not just set up your download folder on your pc as a network sharing folder?

    Yeah you need to enable direct downloads in the settings (visit, login, settings, enable direct downloads), then re-import the links into flashget and it should start downloading.

    Then you need to extract it (the 7 or 8 links) so it merges into an AVI file.

    edit; assuming you've never watched any films on your lappy before, you'll need to install the xvid codec pack, or download VLC - - to watch it with :thumbsup:

    edit2; don't think this should be discussed on the forums though!
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