Found 7th Feb 2009
I've got 3000 rapidshare points that i got when i paid my subscription (3 months) what can i do with these? Ive got these a few times now as i usually subscribe every other quarter, so just wondered if i could use them for anything?


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you can have them converted to use as extra download traffic i know that much.

You can either build points via the upload/download traffic method or let them build up as you renew your membership, then convert the points into free membership time.

For example, they were doing a promo at the end of last year there you got an extra month for around 3000 points so I converted my points for extra membership time. I think its usually 10,000 points.

not sure but have a look on the website on the account screen, there will be links to providing you with more information on how the points system works and what you can do with them. Cheers.

Like said above, you can use those points to get a months free premium access for 10,000 points.
3000 on new years.
You could also use the points for these:…tml but thats poor value for your points.

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Looks like there going to go to waste then as i don't upload stuff for people to download so i can get any extra points. Shame i didn't convert them when you only needed 3000 points to get the extra months membership as i started it the middle of Dec 08.

Can i dontate them to someone else? Does anyone of the previous posters prior to this post want them if i can? :thumbsup:

i think the trick was (well i used t odo it)

buy your first acc and get 8000 points after a month extend your acc and get 3000 points then when that months up delete tha acc and make a new one and get 8000 and so on and so forth

The points cannot be transferred. You'll find them useful after renewing your account a few times.
Sadly 8000 points are no longer available for new accounts.
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