Raptor 34GB 10,000 RPM

    Hey guys - am on a bargain hunting mission for a new pc. I am trying to find the best price for one or possibly two raptor drives (for RAID 0). I have a limited budget so it will probably have to be the 34GB versions. Thanks!:thumbsup:


    Do you mean 74GB version?

    Are you really sure you want Raptors, there are some very quick 7200rpm drives these days that will give you almost as good performance for a lot less!

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    hi jah - I cant afford 2 74GB versions so im thinking either 1 or 2 of the smaller versions - I have seen them slightly cheaper on ebay than the usual sites (ebuyer, overclockers etc).
    I have 2 sata drives but am not overly impressed with the speeds.

    My opinion here is based solely on what I have read, never having actually had the luxury of Raptors ;-), but the 36Gb models are quite dated now, can I ask what SATA drives you currently have?

    It might be worth looking at the controller if you are having performance issues - have you tried running any benchmarks to see if what you have relates to published results for the drives? I'd consider it. Not sure what prices you've seen for the drives but I can remember ages ago (I'm guessing a year and a half) they had a clearout of them at PCWorld for £50 - a good deal at the time, but new generation high capacity drives (especially those using PMR) are performing nearly as well as the newest 150GB Raptors in most benchmarks.

    What\why in particular are you after speed wise - is it game level load times? Or a different task?

    get two identical drives and put them in raid

    will compete well with raptors speed

    much cheaper too…tml

    Have a look at some of the benchmarks on the above site, you'll see the 36GB raptop (and even the newer models) are not anywhere near as dominant as they were 18 month ago...

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    Hey guys thanks for all the info - just got back from taking 2 exams

    The plan was to have a faster OS drive with a few regular games as well - I read that the raptors were speed demons when in Raid 0 so thats why i am looking into it.

    My current sata drives are a maxtor and a WD - I have all my favourite games on the maxtor and the WD is just mass storage, but the load times from the maxtor are noticable in game, even with low textures. I am currently playing lotr online and I have quite significant hard drive lag in town areas. The maxtor has 84 gig free (of 150) and not fragmented.
    Would my RAM affect the hd loading times? I have a gig of pc3200 ram atm (system is showing its age)

    When gaming you need a HDD with a good I/O speed.
    I'd suggest any of the following:
    Set one of your current drives as the OS and boot from that, so what if its a few seconds slower? once booted you should be ok.
    However games tend to use a lot of small files so the disk I/O will be high, so its here that you will see the biggest improvement in speed from good drives.

    Since you are on a limited budget you probably have a 3 options:
    a)A single decent (new) raptor drive.
    b)2 x decent HDD in raid 0 (I'd suggest samsung spinpoints - but look for high cache)
    3)2 x 34gb raptors, you'll probably only get these from ebay, so no returns and unknown amount of usage...

    I'd say that 2 reasonably priced HDD in raid 0 will give you the best deal.
    maybe something like:…406
    (which you can use google checkout £10 off on twice! - £29 each delivered!)
    They would come in for less than the price of a single raptor.
    and if you decide to do some other stuff with your PC you have 320gb to play with!
    (thats what i would do anyway)

    I'd agree with Wraithchild (the 36Gb raptors are over £55 at ebuyer each even after google-checkout) and look for a pair of Spinpoints or similar, though your motherboards on-board raid control may not be upto much? What chipset motherboard is it?

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    Thanks for your advice guys - I will look into it more - The Toms hardware guide is quite surprising for the raptor speeds. Seems most of the sata drives wipe the floor with them in some tests.

    My chipset at the moment is intel i865pe i believe (?) its a msi neo 2 platinum board - but i am hoping to upgrade to a core 2 duo system in the near future, so I am bargin hunting!

    hmm that toms hardware article shows of the raptor at its best.average read and random acces time are the most important,and they are leagues ahead on that comparison chart.10mb faster than anything.

    i think another gig of ram would give more performance, depending on what games you play. it would speed up load times too

    also it appears in real time not synthetic raid 0 gives and improved performance of roughly zero percent.

    have a look at this comparison on anandtech it is probably 12 months newer than the toms hardware one.the seagate 10 series 320gb performs similar to the raptor in all tests.52 quid at dabs seems best value for money.have always reccomended seagate barracudda for speed performance,heat,noise.…922

    ]£45.34 each delivered from ebuyer using google-checkout and super-saver delivery; betelgeus is correct though, good speed and performance and best in class warranty.
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