The raptor has been a bad dino and he wants to apologise to the person that he was rude to.
    He will be back with a roar in 24 hours.


    I Can Guess Which Member Will Be Along In A Minute :roll:

    I Will Change My Avatar As A Mark Of Resepct Till He Returns!

    i just looked and had an email saying he was banned but dunno who from...
    anyway he shows as being online...weird

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    This is a sad day for us all.


    if your banned can you still be mod?


    who was he rude to

    poor raptor

    black gerbil1;2151234

    if your banned can you still be mod?


    Shame! He's lovely (well when I've seen him)

    What happened to "free speech" that HUKD is apparently so fond of.

    HUKD without the raptordude is like ...erm...

    Corrie without Jack Duckworth (?)

    Get me drift anyway.

    Some people still don't realise hukd isn't a democracy lol

    oh noooooo. what happened, anyone care to PM me why?

    I think raptor may be reading this thread...
    hands up if you have never been rude to another member? 1, 2 ,3...hmmm thats 99.9% who have then!

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    who was he rude to

    Can't say, it's between raptor and the person he offended.

    I don't know why.

    They are when it suits them. lol

    [COLOR=purple]Check the "hello im new" thread started by clair, there's a whole pile of members suspended including danby jason & rfc. Someone upset clair methinks, she posted 2 msgs and never called again!!! [/COLOR]

    He'll be back in 24 hours. We don't usually allow threads about suspended members, if they wish to tell you why, then can do so when they return.

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