Found 21st Sep 2008
You have some explaining to do, lol my son saw your avator and wants to know why on earth is the dino smoking as they cant smoke! and if they could why cos smoking kills dinos as well as humans!!

There you go straight from the horses mouth!

LOL Ive tried explaining its only a pic but hes sure as hell concerned why you got a dino with a ciggy in its mouth when its not true, dinos DONT smoke ya know! LOL

It has me in stitches cos hes so serious! LOL


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Good for him, what a clever little lad!! tell him he's so right..
but they do ..

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LOL bless him...least he knows its wrong!

No, no, no, it's educative!

Many a dinosaur puffed on ol' smokey's - that's clearly why they became extinct.

Cigarettes are mined for not man-made produced in factories - they grow underground in South America like potatoes.

The one real brainteaser is how how the dinosaurs actually lit their cigarettes...I reckon they used the many active volcanos as cigarette lighters.

Try this one. It tells the truth I tell you!!! ]http//ww…jpg

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hahahh u lot, i think i may say they did smoke which is why they all died!! lol

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u do realise my son will now go to school and tell his teacher and class now! lol
cruel lol


Try this one. It tells the truth I tell you!!! … Try this one. It tells the truth I tell you!!! ]

lool that was even the right dinosaur family:-D

Good googling:thumbsup:

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He is so anti smoking its unreal, so when he saw the dino smoking it mortified him! LO

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bump raps!!

just seen this rappy dont smoke it was electronicly added via ms paint young man:)

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Its ok Raps, he came home from school today,. sat me down and told me off for LIEING to him! Apparently when dinos were about there were NO shops so how could they buy them!! He looked at me very cross told me he wasnt happy with me fibbing!!!!!


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