Rare McDonalds Monopoly Stickers

Found 31st Mar 2010
Ive found out that the rarest monopoly stickers are:

1. Mayfair (Wins £500k cash)
2. Bond Street (Wins £300k to buy a home with)
3. Coventry Street (Wins a Fiat 500 Car)
4. Strand (Wins an Airtours Holiday)
5. Marlborough Street (Wins a play.com home entertainment system)
6. Northumberland Avenue (Wins a Nintendo Wii and 3 EA Games)
7. Euston Road (Wins a Flip Video Camera From firebox.com)
8. Old Kent Road (Wins a £100 prepaid Visa card)
9. Liverpool Street Station (Wins £1200 of home energy over the year)

So basically if you get any of these you've won the prize that goes with them. all the ones not mentioned are common. You'll notice there one from each colour in the rare list
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I need them all :-(
What's 'McDonalds'?

I need them all :-(

Thats just greedy!:p

What's 'McDonalds'?

He has a farm :thumbsup:

Thats just greedy!:p

I also need:-



i neeed bloody euston road :@@
i have whitehall tho :P
Does anyone have any of these?


bond street

coventry street


marlborough street

northumberld avenue

euston road

old kent road
wheres bloody Northumberland avenue

wheres bloody Northumberland avenue

turn left at YouareaSaddo lane and you will find it

wheres bloody Northumberland avenue

I think it is in one of the older threads that you could have bumped. Have fun searching for it like you did this thread just to join up and post. multiwut lolwut

I also need:- northumberland avenue if you have it ill swap you for … I also need:- northumberland avenue if you have it ill swap you for whitehall[color=yellow] Piccadilly[/color][color=#ff00ff] Whitehall[/color]:giggle:

i have liverpool station
Cool now you just need to find the ones that go with it FROM LAST YEARS MONOPOLY COMPETITION
F**k - I threw away marlborough today!!

I thought it was a common one! I was really happy I got an apple pie and a mc flurry, but now you tell me that.


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