Rasberry pie Heatsinks and fan

Found 30th Dec 2017
are a fan and heat sink necessary for raspberry pie when using it to play retro games (retropie)
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Pi2 or pi3?

i have a pi3 which definitely benefits from them, otherwise I get the temperature warning after a few minutes.
i understand the pi2 doesn't generate quite as much heat by itsel
I've recently been playing final fantasy 8 with no heat sink or fans with no issues.

Using a Pi3
Edited by: "SteJosh" 31st Dec 2017
Pie 3 I plan on getting
My pi3 is overclocked without them never had a temp warning
I’m looking at getting one at the moment too for the same thing, with a Pi 3 model B+.

Looks like the heat sink is essential, but maybe not the fan necessarily? Im looking at the FLIRC gen 2 case, which acts as a heatsink, and people seem to think it works well...
Anyone know a UK seller on ebay selling the heatsinks with the copper heatsink for the cpu

Some say dispatch from UK but seller are in China
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