Rate my Xbox 360 collection

    [* Stranglehold
    [* Flatout: Ultimate Carnage
    [* Blue Dragon
    [* Dead Rising
    [* Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare 2
    [* Smackdown Vs Raw 2007
    [* Transformers: The Game
    [* Pro Evolution Soccer 6



    5 out of ten


    5/10 is a bit right

    I havent seen one review of transformers that said it wasnt a load of rubbish

    I have too many 360 games, i play them for abit then dont bother


    You've got some ace games like GRAW2 and Strangle hold, but some shocking ones too like dead rising lol.

    I have the sudden urge to post mine lol.

    I wouldn't call 'Dead Rising' shocking, while it's not triple A but it's still a strong title which does a good job taking advantage of the next gen power the 360 can offer.


    I hated it.
    Agree to disagree

    Not really - just because you hated it doesn't mean the fact it's a generally well received game any different. In fact, Dead Rising is rated higher on average than Stranglehold.


    Original Poster

    I have now sold Transformers and wil be looking to add Halo 3 and PES7 very shortly

    You need rainbow six in there.

    oblivion aswell

    bit of lego star wars and splinter cell should make it up to 7


    bit of lego star wars and splinter cell should make it up to 7


    Pushing it at 4/10 - held up only by pro evo 6

    Rate Mine
    1. Halo 3
    2. Guitar Hero 2
    3. G.R.A.W 2
    4.Stuntman Ignition
    5. Madden 07
    6. King Kong
    7. PGR 3
    8. Virtua Tennis 3
    9. Gears of war
    10. NFS Most Wanted........Sorry
    11. Bioshock
    12.Over G Fighters

    7/8 out of ten


    7/8 out of ten

    Yeh id give it that too - needs a football game like pes and oh yeh got over g fighters too that will help

    Heres mine - In no order

    Halo 3
    table Tennis
    Gears of war
    Splinter cell DA
    Pro Evo 6
    Fifa 07
    Fifa 08
    Lost Planet
    Spiderman 3
    Need for speed Carbon
    Need for spped most wanted
    The outfit
    NBA live 06
    Tomb Raider
    Just Cause
    Ultimate alliance
    Battlefield 2 MC
    Rainbow 6 vegas
    Battlestations midway
    Star wars lego 2
    Dead Rising
    NBA 2k7
    Saints Row
    MOH A
    Smackdown vs raw

    Original Poster

    Quite a collection

    I traded Lego Star Wars II in as found it too easy and not challenging enough.

    I 've kept it as my GF like to play it and its one of the ones she can actully play where she doesnt run round in circles looking up
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