Rate The Above User's Signature Out Of 10

    Same as the avatar thread which seems to be going well, but rating the signature of the last user to post.

    Thought that with the other thread doing well I would start this one.

    1/10 = really bad
    10/10 = Love it!


    10/10 I'm in it!


    5/10 for you emasu. Sorry!

    dont like wii sports lol 5/10

    No rating as there isnt one :-D

    0/10 for no siggy mightyreds!!

    1/10 emma... would have been higher if you wouldn't have removed something of mine! :giggle:

    Again no rating

    8/10 for being truely honest pluves1!!

    Its a Quack above the rest 4/10

    0/10 nothin to rate

    hmmm being a MCP I can only give you 5/5 :giggle:

    Again nothing to rate!! :?


    so far ... you all must try harder 0/10 :whistling:

    A screaming Viking shouting Happy Easter hmmmmm original I suppose - 7/10 :w00t:


    so far ... you all must try harder 0/10 :whistling:

    0/10 :x :-(


    thanks crazy a little something left for you :whistling:


    thanks crazy a little something left for you :whistling:

    I'll do the same as it will be a little impossible to send you an Easter Egg :giggle:


    thanks... mmmmmmm chocolate *drooooooooools * my fav

    2/10 I don't like Easter

    6, nice slogan, but a bit empty.

    deep oh deep - 6/10!!

    well i better add mine then


    too much to read:thinking: 1/10

    Original Poster

    8/10 attention grabbing viking


    not much you can say about kelly 11/10 for effort

    3/10 coz i'm working during bloody easter!

    7/10 too true, grab life by the balls

    9/10 I love it I think I'll adopt it as my slogan

    Original Poster

    8/10 makes me smile
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