I have spotted rats lurking in the garden (we stay right next to a canal) none as yet seen in the house. Can anyone suggest a good deterent (other than a cat!!)


    Smith & Wesson

    pepermint oil apparently works a treat... god knows where u get it


    2 Cats lol

    Some people buy like rodent machines that emit sounds that they can hear that scares them off.Search rat deterrent and you see what I mean.

    Rat heads on little poles? If you have trouble finding little poles, go visit Dover docks.....

    (personally i'd get an air rifle and shoot the ******s, rats that is)

    Be like Basil Fawlty and blast their heads off!!!

    Contact your local authority (seach their site). They will provide a service (often free or very low cost) to get rid of rats on your property. Normally this is baiting.

    get a jack russell. They love chasing and catching the little b***ers

    Local Authority - Also Did You Know We Are Never More Than 10 Feet Away From A Rat!

    Yeah, call the rat master-baiter! *giggles uncontrollably*

    call the local authority so it can all stay in the Rat family

    My nan had the same problem and called her local council and they came round the next day and laid poison, they even come back and take away any dead ones. If you have pets mention that to them and they use friendlier stuff

    i'd definetly go with a jack russell,,,,,it will destroy a rat like a hungry man destroying a burger king

    My cat brought a rat into the house and put it down, still alive! Left OH to deal with it while I went to work. He shot it - knew I'd find a use for him eventually !
    Moral: a cat may catch the rats but will it kill them...

    Aren't any. You can try the old (blue) rat poison but as above ^^^ they're always near. Had one on my bird peanut feeder the other day - don't know how it took the weight.


    Local Authority - Also Did You Know We Are Never More Than 10 Feet Away … Local Authority - Also Did You Know We Are Never More Than 10 Feet Away From A Rat!

    I'm less than 5 feet away from 2 rats right now!

    They're called Lady and Stinker and they're cute and cuddly...

    Therefore I suggest you buy a nice big cage, a salt-lick and some things to climb on from Pets At Home and stick them all in the garden!

    what about those boards with icky gluey goeey and if mice get stuck the more they struggle the more they stick. u call the company and they take it away to get rid for you, replace the boards.

    ok so this was when we lived in asia where they had companies that did that > my ex's family house had a rat problem in that area.

    automated machine guns with motion sensors!!
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