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Posted 13th May
Hi all,

Currently looking at food options for a pup due to join our household next month. It is currently 8 weeks and has its mother’s milk and raw food diet. We are looking to move it onto raw food (it will come with some that it is used to) and a lot of the suppliers I have found online seem quite pricey per portion, does anyone have a good reliable supplier they use, or any advice about it in general, seems a bit of a minefield with raw frozen packaged etc etc.

Thanks so much!
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I've fed raw since mine was a pup for almost 4 years, very cheap and works out about 60p a day for a 20kg Springer. You can either do it the DIY route or buy it frozen as a 'complete' 80/10/10

The best advise would be to find a local supplier/shop as it will be cheaper than mail order,
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I have a code for Bella and duke for 50% off if you want to use that I will also get a small discount
Try this site I’ve had my 6 month old bulldog on raw for the last month best thing I ever did for him k9rawsupplies.co.uk/
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My local butchers do lb bags frozen pet mince 50p each unfortunately my fussy Rottweiler wouldn’t touch them.
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