Ray Ban RB3211 shades

    I am looking for Ray Ban rb3211 sunglasses from an online shop.
    The best price I found is around £62 in…tml
    Is it possible to find any cheaper from either original or lookalikes.…jpg

    Thank you



    FAKE?? We don't call them fake - they're just lookalikes, LOL.

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    FAKE?? We don't call them fake - they're just lookalikes, LOL.

    :oops: Appologies for any incoveniences this might have caused


    :oops: Appologies for any incoveniences this might have caused

    I think duckmagicuk2 was just having a little joke with you No inconvenience caused!

    Can't find them any cheaper than £62, sorry.

    Welcome to HUKD by the way + thanks for the post

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    cheers mate

    LOL. Sorry if I confused you, it was just a little joke.

    Sorry for the lateness of the post!
    Replica/fake sunglasses?
    Sounds like shady dealings to me!
    If you care about your eyesight in the long term then don't buy dodgy sunglasses. There is no way to know what UV protection they give.
    My one and only pair of Raybans were bought in the US from a place doing them very cheap (too long ago for the shop to still be there). Every week there was a queue of Brits at this shop.
    Only mention it, 'cos with the price of Raybans, I'm sure you could take enough orders from friends and fam, fly out yourself and make discrete inquiries in your hotel or a local bar, about where to source real discounted Raybans. Just explain to customs that you have a thing about wearing a different pair of sunglasses for every day of a month, sometimes female style, sometimes male style.

    Link in the first post doesn't work now by the way.

    So replicas are "shady dealings" but smuggling is OK:roll:. There's one pair on eBay at the moment that may end up cheaper, or a lot being sold out of Italy at a similar price.

    Very few people actually buy sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV radiation. :roll: Right or wrong, they are primarily bought as a fashion accessory.

    Lots of people do buy them for driving in the car though to avoid the Sun. Threfore, they SHOULD buy UV protective ones.

    Don't want to be argumentative, but even cheapo £2 sunglasses can stop the glare from the sun while you are driving. UV radiation is invisible and therefore doesn't bother you when you are driving; you only notice the effects longer term when your eyes start to rot (or something like that :P )

    LOL. Maybe people want Rayban shades to drive in, maybe to go with their BMW's, Mazda's, Jaguar's, or Saab convertibles, he he. Nevermind, lets end it here. Lol

    Try these: RayMan shades, they're totally free in HUKD :roll:

    You ever tried them shades they sell on the shopping channels. I think they call them eagle eyes or something similar.

    They are suppose to be really great. they are like a tinted brown lens.

    Sorry to go off topic, i was just curious !


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