Found 3rd Aug 2007
About a day late and i don't think it's been posted yet,but Ray has hit the 35k and still way out in front in the post count,although emma is hard on his heels now.
Congrats ray,fantastic work.Thanks.
:thumbsup: :-D

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Congratulations :thumbsup:




Well Done Ray- Thanks for all the help

Well done Ray!!!!
Well done ray!!

congratulations to the gentleman of HUKD...keep up the good work.

Well done Ray, but with Emma and Iom hot on your heels, enjoy your few days of glory :thumbsup: :giggle:

IOM's just a spammer though.



IOM's just a spammer though.

:lol: :giggle: :lol:


IOM's just a spammer though.

Haha :thumbsup:

Congrats Ray :thumbsup:

Well done, thanks

Thanks everyone ;-)

Still lovin' it here and it's great to see everyone else doing the same :friends:

Top stuff ray. If you only posted once a day you'd have to be here a lifetime to get your post count!

Oh my god Ray, slow down a little, over 33 posts on average per day mate, i think we need to find you a girl.

..... And if you have a partner already...... then it looks like we need to find you another girl on top of that, you spend too much time with us mate...... not that i'm complaining, you do great work. :giggle:

Keep up the great work but remember to have fun. :thumbsup:
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