Rayman Raving Rabbids Wii

    I'm looking for the cheapest place to get the first Rayman Raving Rabbids game for the wii from?
    Thought i'd seen a deal a while ago but can't find it now. Must be the 1st game not the 2nd. Cheapest i can find is £16.49.


    One here £13.00 used but like new...…b=0

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    One here £13.00 used but like new... … One here £13.00 used but like new...

    Thanks for the info but it needs to be actually new as i'm looking on behalf of somebody else :thumbsup:

    SOFT have it for £16.49 it is out of stock but states 'requires delayed dispatch'
    POWERPLAY have it for £17.99 but again states 'Despatched upon receipt from our suppliers'
    You never know they may be available before xmas. I use '' they search for the cheapest supplier. Good luck
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