Rayman's Link: Feed the world, or save it, or fight disease.

It's up to you. Where most of us have a link to our eBay auctions or a random joke, Rayman has taken the time to put a link to his where there is a website. You visit the website, click on the button and you could save a childs life, or help fight breast cancer, or save a bit of the rainforest. It's up to you. You can do them all. There's nothing to sign up to, nothing to buy. It's all sponsered by the stores who have their logos on the sites. It's really worth doing each morning when you wake up.

Find a post of Rayman's (it's not difficult) and click on the link in his signature.


Thanks for pointing that out :thumbsup: Here's a post so you don't have to move from this thread to click through too :wink:

It really does only take a few seconds for each cause.

Thanks again duckmagicuk2 for highlighting it!

Original Poster

Done it again today!!


Postman10, I think that you're not supposed to bump old threads for no good reason.

Someone got an infraction for it the other day and she did have a good reason!!


postman have no idea what your doing, but bumpin old threads for no reason will get you suspended or banned


its nice to see some of the old threds from time to time .. now the dating threads from years back that was gold

Change the world by propping up Western capitalist enterprises .... hmm, now where could lie the problem in that concept? :thinking:

sorry didn,t know. won,t happen again
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