raymond weil watch offer earlier

    hi what happened with the watchwarehouse raymond weil watch?? was it a scam?

    I was about to buy one



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    no problem, does anyone know if a credit card covers against fakes?


    no problem, does anyone know if a credit card covers against fakes?

    Is it a popular counterfeited brand? Don't think they're expensive enough or desired enough to faked.


    I posted the Watch Warehouse.

    I found them last night on the Web when looking for a watch for my son, ended up buying another for my wife.

    At the mommet they have pulled the post subject to further investigations... I think they are checking with the Pope and getting it approved by Brown and Obarma.

    I think they thought I had some kind of association with them, which I do not.

    I only joined this forum a few weeks ago because I like a deal... Who doesn't.

    I have genuinely bought 2 of them and they turn up tomorrow.

    I thought this was meant to be a bit of fun and hoped to get some serious heat.... Looks like I got that all right!!!

    Happy to discuss.



    Cry?? then get a real watch

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    ive bought one so fingers crossed :s

    bit concerning they said the offer was finishing at midnight and its still on the website.

    any updates on the fella who bought them?

    I've bought one too, it's being delivered today. I've had a look on the Raymond Weil website, and the same model looks different, different crown and dial markings. Hopefully it's just an older version (hence the steal of a price) rather than a fake.

    I'll update when I receive it, should be today but the roads are not moving around us because of the snow so may be delayed.

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    chrisjudd - raymond weil allow you to send the watch to them for authenticating for £20 plus vat i am going to get it done and if it turns out to be fake i am covered by my credit card i believe.

    Well it's arrived; if it's a fake then it's a good one, it's a proper RW presentation box, with the warranty cards etc.

    The watch itself is a little lighter than I expected, but it is quite a slim case so I don't think it's just cheap steel.

    All in all, a nice watch, and a bargain for 1/3 usual price, albeit for the old model.

    Anyone else got theirs yet?

    Got both mine and well impressed. Caant not wait to see their faces when they open Xmas Day.

    Shame HUKD banned the post because they trade on Ebay... I could have got some good heat for posting.
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