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Found 19th Mar 2006
I recently saw the free gillette razor post and signed up. hope to recieve it soon, but does anyone know how to save some money on the ridiculously priced gillette branded razor blades?
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This is one of my frustrations too and I now buy my blades off ebay! As a comparison….

Gillette Mach 3 Cartridges 8's
Tesco = £7.98 (that’s £1/blade)
Ebay = 48 for £35 delivered (That’s 73p/blade) ( mod edit: no eBay links allowed )

This is the search for you: mod edit: please don't hide eBay links in tinyurl's thanks If you want quick delivery go for the buy nows….if you want a bargain try an normal listed auction but make sure you don’t pay over the BUY NOW rate!

I’ve been buying from various sellers for over a year now, if you do look at ebay just check where the blades are being shipped from as there are a lot from the USA (which are fine but can take a few days fro delivery)…and avoid any being shipped from the Far East!

HTH – Mark.
thanks for that mark but how do i know im getting the real deal as opposed to knock-offs? all the blades ive seen listed say they are from the uk.
the person you listed a search for seems to have loads for sale. have you bought from him before and were they ok?

As with all things on ebay...check the sellers feedback to get a good idea on whether the seller is genuine or not! I have bought from the seller mentioned before on two occasions, both without any problems.

All the best.
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