razor blades

    can any1 please tell me the cheapest price for gillette fusion razor blades cheapest i have seen seems to be bout 15 quid for 8 at tescos


    been trying to find some myself its a rip-off what they charge for these things


    The superdrug online 10% code is still working, but after delivery charge they work out about the same as tesco.

    This place is free delivery and slightly cheaper…DzQ

    Other than that I get mine from the local Costco. Membership is £30 per year. However 16 blades are £21.23. Based on using just one blade a week, Tesco is £103.87 and Costco would be £98 including membership. You can also get low cost food and drinks in bulk. I'm a diet coke addict and save nearly £300 per year shopping at Costco

    also costco's cakes (birthday, celebrations ect), are the most fabulous ever, only £9.99 and huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i can't wait for my little girls birthday, yummy!

    best to wait for the supermarkets to come up with a special to be honest, i am a trader and go to a few cash and carry's and even for my myself its not worth buying blades from there as they are just as dear if not more then a supermarket
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