Razorblades - NEED CHEAP ONES

Went to buy some new razorblades yesterday and nearly had a heart attack. In my local tesco the gilette fusion ones are priced at over £9 for 4 replacement blades..:(

Has anoyone come across any discounts on-line or elsewhere? I don't particularly want to go back to the disposables at 99p for 10 cause I'll have no throat left after about a week!!


if you have a homebargins near you recently they had a packet of 6 quattro baldes (2 of which were the titanium ) ((£5 plus just for the 4 in asda)) for a grand total of 99p. the razor itself was also 99p

when I first saw the thread title I was going to post the Samaritans phone number because life cant be all that bad. Then I took the time to read it properly

maybe try Lidl or Aldi they always have them and probably much cheaper than tescos

I know people sell info on ebay about getting them cheap in bulk or something, it would seem as though it works too.

also try your local market stalls, my mate always gets mine for me where he goes in Slough
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