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I have a rc car charger that is 9v 250ma 2.25va and I have a new 7.2v 2000mah battery, I had it on charge for 9.5 hrs but it didn't seem to turn off, the red light on the charger stayed on, do the chargers normally cut out when charged? The charger just came with the car, I typed the model number into google but nothing. Would it damage the battery if it doesn't cut out?


Was the battery the one that came with the charger? If not then as it is rated lower then the charger it will not reach the 'cut off' values that the charger is looking for to decide the battery is fully charged. If so then the charger will keep charging the battery until either the charger or battery fail.

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No it's not the battery that came with it, the one that come with it I have just replaced it was a 7.2v 1800mah NiMh and about 7yrs old and wasn't holding a good charge. The new one is just 2000mah NiMh 7.2v. The charger came with the car but just seems to be a standard 250mah output charger.
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