RC Car for a 5 year old

    I am looking for a decent RC Car for a 5 year old, something he will get used to and enjoy using outside.

    He is very good and won't just belt it into the nearest tree, loves his scalextric and beats me!

    I am thinking of a Tamiya Rising Fighter.

    This is all new to me though, any RC nuts out there who can point me in the right direction?


    look on Argos they have a great variety of rc cars on their site

    My mum boughht my nearly 5 year old daughter a New Bright RC Truck from Argos for Christmas- it's great- light and quite nippy, also seems robust (all good after several high impacts!) Does hurt when driven at full speed into bare feet however!!
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    I bought me/my son (now 7) this a few years back:…203

    It's proved to be an excellent buy and therefore I'd recommend the new version of it which is the ECX Amp I think. I ended up buying a new battery and new radio gear as the deal I got had the old type but otherwise it's had no zero issues. It's been drove into kerbs and trees, and nothing has broke. The plastic is 'bendy' and therefore doesn't snap on impact. For less than £100 its been a bargain and still works fine to date.

    Also find that the larger wheels of a stadium truck seem to absorb impact better that a Buggy.
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    Not for off road, Carrera RC 1/16 Scale Mario Kart 7 Bowser Radio Control Car £50 ones not the smaller £25. Little tanks for on roads / in doors. Quite fast and solid.
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