Rc millennium falcon not working

    My rc millennium falcon drone is faulty, one propellor spins slower than the other ones and doesn't fly because of it, does anyone know how I can fix it?


    I'm tempted to say use the force


    I'm tempted to say use the force

    This is not the answer he was looking for

    Sounds like ones working solo. Open the cover to the motor and have a quick wookie. If you need a han I'm sure an model market could help.

    Is that the engine that took the hit from the Tie fighters??

    Assuming you have been through the calibration routine (there usually is one for first set up), and it hasnt worked - send it back. Messing with it will only invalidate the warranty.

    If you can get to the fan wires then test the power to it with a multimeter, then compare with the others, if the same then it's the fan/motor that's at fault, or send it back if your unsure

    Erm take it back.
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