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    HI...I was wondering if someone could help me by telling me what RAM i need for my Laptop. I did the crucial system scan and it says i need the following memory: DDR PC2700 CL=2.5 Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR333 2.5V

    I know all the info is prob there but i don't really understand and don't want to put the wrong one in.

    I want to buy from ebuyer...can i put in any speed? wot do i look for?


    p.s its for a sony vaio pcg k215z


    The crucial memory scan should tell you if your laptop motherboard can accept faster speeds - why not post a link to your system results

    As it's laptop memory you should make sure it has 200 pins, you may also want to match it with the manufacturer of your current RAM if you are running them in parallel.

    I assume it has 512 (2X256) RAM in there at the moment?

    Are you looking to go to 1mb, this will mean taking original 2 out and replacing them with 2 X 512.

    Think you are limited to 1mb

    ][COLOR="Red"]Here[/COLOR] may be useful to explain.

    £49.20 delivered from ebuyer for the 2 (make sure you buy each one seperately then you will get £10 off each one as they are £31 each which is a bonus.)

    £70 delivered from crucial for the 2

    Agree with greg_68 - you will need to take out the original RAM (but at least you can sell it on ebay and get a little bit of money back). Although I think you mean 1gb not 1mb :whistling:

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    results from crucial scan are here]http//ww…me=

    Thanks so much guys for quick response. Greg I looked at the link but still don't understand what i need from ebuyer. If someone could just say you need x y z specs that would be great. Sorry if i'm being dumb and everything is clear in the scan results..

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    and also how do i make the link appear like greg's? lol

    I think ][COLOR="Red"]this[/COLOR] is the one you need from ebuyer(don't forget to buy them seperately to get the best price)

    ][COLOR="red"]This[/COLOR] is crucials.

    Don't feel dumb about understanding memory configuration, it is rather confusing and many on here have purchased the wrong type of RAM. Better to be safe than sorry as they say. Good luck.

    As far as the links goes, when compiling your post highlight a word in your post like 'here' then click on the insert link button (the globe with the link) on the menu above the text box. Copy and paste the address into the box that pops up, make that same text red if you like and bobs your uncle.

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    Thanks so much...that clears things up..
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