re-emails regarging non existent bank accounts

    I am a little concerned about 3 e-mails I have recieved basically about bank accounts I do not have. They say that my account is trying to be accessed from abroad and can I click on this link. I have NOT done this at all as I relize it is some scam to get my details but what I want to know how do they get my e-mail address ?? surely they must relize they are taking a shot in the dark regarding bank accounts.


    I get these all the time - SPAM

    Some poor suckers must fall for it - hence the spammers keep trying.

    pretty sure they prolly send em out to thousands at once so even if only a handful of people are stupid enuff to fall for it they gained from it

    Just delete them straight away & forget about them


    i get at least 4 a day

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    I didn't relize it happened so much are these people so stupid.

    It's easy to send out millions of e-mails to different addresses that you have either harvested [1] or make up using every variations of name/words/letters, etc.

    You only need a tiny fraction of people to click on the links, or fall for the scam to make it worthwhile. That's why they do it. :-)

    [1] Most companies sell their address lists on to third parties. Even if it's a reputable company, if theysell your address on, there is no saying who that third party then sells those addresses on to as well. On top of this, everytime you publish your e-mail address on-line, it is easy for automatic software to come along and copy that address.

    i thought it was only me who get these!!!!

    I get least 1 daily,mainly on my aol email address as I've had it yrs so really get spammed up.Most time,they end up in spam folder,I know just to delete cos I don't even bank at these places,I get Nationwide everything really,even banks in America,damn chancers.

    I work for a bank and these emails are sent out in their millions. I personally get about 6 a week, just delete them, if they were genuine they would contact you again and most banks don't rely on email.

    I've got an old gmail account and every day I get like 10-100+ spam emails.

    Since I don't use it, after about 3/4 weeks that I decide to check it, I have like over 1000 spam!

    I get loads to my email address i use for freebies etc but whats annoying now is they are starting to come to my private email address too. Its not just the bank ones, i get you've won the lottery ones and Dear friend ones too. I usually reply with some rude words and threats of hunting them down but now i can be bothered as there is far too many

    i usually forward them on to the appropriate banks phishing e-mail address then delete.


    i usually forward them on to the appropriate banks phishing e-mail … i usually forward them on to the appropriate banks phishing e-mail address then delete.

    how do you do this?

    umanga has the right term. These are phishing attempts. The links they contain are to hackers. The hope is that they arrive with someone with the relevant bank account and that in a panic, you click on the link. This will take you to a page with what looks link your bank's login screen where you will be asked to enter you account details and password. If you do this, the phishers will have everything they need to empty your bank account.. If you go to your banks website (go direct, never via a link in an email or on another website) there is usually a place to report phishing, but there is so much of this that banks are unlikely to take action. Recent trends are for more targeted 'spear' phishing attacks. These might include your name and other information about you so that they look legitimate. But remember, banks never send emails asking you to follow a link to log in. You should always go to the bank website direct. Other phishing attacks are aimed at Paypal, often with a claim that there is some fault with an auction on eBay. Again, you can report this on eBay, but in any case, never follow the link. Finally, good anti-spam software will usually warn you if it thinks an email contains a dubious link.

    Original Poster

    I would just like to say thanks for all your advice. I have had 2 again today but I have just deleted them.


    how do you do this?

    if you look on the corresponding banks website there is usually a phishing link or reference with and e-mail address on to forward to, usually [email protected]

    then just forward it on to them
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