RE - Free DVD The Transporters - Autism

Just want 2 say for those who didn't get this ( no idea where its on sale to buy) its on eBay for a buy it now price of just a few pence off £50!!!!!!
Talk of taking advantage,yeh we all like 2 sell a bit on eBay once in a while,but this really takes the p**s.
Now those people who genuinely wanted it 4 their child or it being for some other beneficial use ( student etc ) can now know where their free copy is being exploited.



report it, or post the item number and I'll do it.

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eBay won't care likely.

I understand more if the seller started at 99p or something and it went crazy high but to sell at that much....

Its disgusting that people send off for it for no reason - some kids could of really benefited from it
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