Found 3rd Apr 2008
I have a chance to get a one week luxury holiday for 4 to either the canary islands, spain or portugal. This is going to cost £29.50 each. The down side to this is I have to put up with a 2 hour talk about about luxary holidays that are available and property.
Now I know this is about hard selling and we are a hard people to sell anything to but has anyone actually done anything like this before.

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i have toyed with the idea and thought against it (so far i might add lol) cause if im on holiday i like to relax and not have to make out im something im interested in their overpriced hotel etc

Yeah same here, just wouldn't fancy being hounded for the whole of the holiday. Sorry to put a downer on it for you though.

selling timeshares?

i dunno...if something sounds too good to be true..i steer clear. these people are gonna be trained professionals and not gonna let up till the get wha they want either.

My first post so please excuse lol.
Had to respond to your post as I used to work for company giving away "FREE" holidays.
They dont mention the admin fees, standby flights etc. My advice is dont do it! They will hound you for up to 5 hours, visit you whilst you are on your holiday and never leave you alone.

If you really do want to take them up though..........
You can just sign up to anything as you will have what they call a cooling off period in which you can cancel, but I strongly advise you to save up for a holiday that you chose.

Hope this helps

This is a total con. don't do it.
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