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    Hi.. There was a post put on here a few days ago from a guy who could deliver items. I can't find it again in the forums and wondered if anyone could help me out with a pointer please?

    It's a 70kg table that I'm wanting to send within the UK.



    Hi Helen,

    70kg's would be classed as freight so you would need to look in your Yellow Pages for a Pallet service.

    Hope this helps...

    Hi Helen,

    Have you had a look at the courier list I have pinned to ebays P&P community board?:-…981

    Your 70KG table is too heavy for most couriers.

    You could contact the NCA (National Courier Association) who are very helpful. They would advise you of the nearest courier to you that would be able to take it:-

    You could also try deliverebay who claim to be able to delivery large/heavy items. They are one of the few couriers on my list I have not used:-

    70KG, as Fordy said is a freight service but a 1/4 pallet service could deliver it, but you are looking at between £45 - £75 + VAT. You will find a few companies on my list.

    Also, how about a 'man and a van' type of service? They may deliver a one off cheaper than a national courier if you tell then they could get repeat business. Try your local paper/free-ads.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your help everyone..
    It's an oak table that my friend and I made that we're trying to sort out delivery for ebay, other sellers quote £35 for delivery so maybe it is a man with a van who can do it that cheaply.
    It seems to be turning into a bit of a nightmare! But thanks again
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