Re: Posting a PC for sale.

    Hi folks,

    Just wondering what is the best way to post my PC for sale? It's a system already built, so would I need to dismantle it and take pictures of every part? I of course have made a list of all the parts etc but not sure on the rules of pictures. I have sold stuff before on here and used pictures with my name and date but with so many components inside the PC, it seems a whole lot of work if I need to photograph every part.

    Many thanks,

    Ps. It will not be sold in parts.


    Unless they've suffered visible wear or damage for some reason then I wouldn't bother, just take pictures of the case and any peripherals.

    and use an app that tells/shows your system config etc.

    take a picture making sure to include your username and date. List the parts in the description along with the price and anything else you wish to include in the bundle.... Dont forget to include the price!


    and use an app that tells/shows your system config etc.

    I would do this and use something to get the serial numbers of your hardware parts.

    It's worth considering selling it as parts, generally a built system tends to go for less than the sum of its parts.

    Thanks Zan! Good luck with the sale!
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