Re sizzler82

Anyone have an address for this guy - took my money for a golf club but no club and no reply to pm's.



Isn't that your job under the rules of the FS/FT forum?

Name, address, telephone number (confirmed) etc etc......................

51 fake street

po box should have read fs/ft rules

county owned

[ ] inb4 didnt you follow the FS/T rules
[x] edit: fail


51 fake streetpo box should have read fs/ft rulescounty owned



doogan9, that member hasn't been online for 2 weeks so is unlikely to read a MOD pm at this time.

Can I ask that you compose an email for thier attention then ]'send it to Admin' along with a request that they can forward it on to them via their external email.

I will update the thread & send them a PM just in case they do log in. NB : Please don't post other members personal details in any thread though as we do treat it as confidential information.

Thanks again.

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