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Found 3rd Nov 2008
hi all you probably remember the post i put on about the cheap ugg boots at mandmdirect. well i heard that they are small sized so ordered a pair size w8 and i am only a 6 but they are too big i would say they are a 7 but too small to be an 8 anyone else had any problems and did you get them in the ugg boxes as mine have come in a firetrap box strange. either way i am going to have to get rid of them as they are no good to me.
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is your grey male or female? sorry to ask in this thread,totally off topic i know!

what's going on here! Parrot dating?:w00t:

I am a size 7 and the 8's i ordered are still slightly big so have had to put an insole in them!! they are returnable tho just that you have tp pay postage. alternatively e-bay em!!!
mine did come in ugg box tho x
shes a she and a nasty one at that hates women and she is a african grey timnah if i have spelt that right why do you ask?

shes a she and a nasty one at that hates women and she is a african grey … shes a she and a nasty one at that hates women and she is a african grey timnah if i have spelt that right why do you ask?

cos shes pretty:) mines a he and hates men lol funny creatures arent they,my terror ruffles the feathers on the back of his head when he starts getting angry,cant quite work it out from your avatar but is that what yours is doing in the piccy?
Yes I ordered some - but am still waiting for the others (apparently enroute as I live in NI) Anyway - I have genuine Uggs (Im not precipitating a mad genuine v fake debate here lol) but the ones from mandm are different in several ways.... firstly the smell ... a strange paint like chemical one.... and the sizing is def on the small side. Also I dont know if anyone else has noticed or experienced this but the fur from the inside comes away in albeit fine clumps... well primarily in the black ones anyway lol .... arghhh. So i dunno.... That said the stitching is straight, the leaflets have embossed lettering, they came in exactly the same box as my 'real' ones, where the sole joins the heel there is a flush join and there is an R in a circle next to the UGG on the sole. But then again we did only pay a fraction of the cost, so speculation is rife in my mind as to whether seconds or ..... gulp. :?
Mine are fab! I got two pairs, both arrived in the Ugg box and they're really comfy. My only fault is that the black ones dye your feet grey. Is that normal? I hadn't even considered them being dodgy!
Mine are great! I would say they come up quite big and they came in an Ugg box. I tried them on before buying in schuh and they seem the same. Although I have to say I did consider that they were seconds because the right foot seems a bit looser than the left... maybe I've just got uneven feet though.
i did say on the thread to order down a size, i tried a pair on ages ago and needed a size smaller

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