Re-Waterproofing kids jackets - any recommendations?

Found 8th Nov 2010
They've been machine washed one time too many and now are about as useful as a pillow case at keeping the kids dry, really practical on days like today. Has anyone tried re-waterproofing things like this, and if so, with what? Ideally I'm thinking one of the products you use in the washing machine would be best...

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I've only ever saw the sprays - never used them though and really should as in the same position as you!
Go to Millets, Cotswold Outdoor, or any camping/outdoor shop, and get either Graingers or Nikwax products.
I use the Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-in, you wash your waterproofs in the washing machine using this product instead of washing powder. Works really well (I spend a LOT of time outdoors in the wilds of Wales, so when I say it works I mean it!).
Some of the NikWax wash-in products used to be good back when I used them about 10 years ago...not sure if things have moved on since then (or even if they still exist?)
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Any of the NIK WAX spray on or wash in products are good. If the coat's really knackered you may need to spray it a couple of times. After you've done it don't wash it in normal detergent as you'll end up in the same boat. NK WAX do a tech wash but much cheaper and just as good use plain old fashioned soap flakes - Sainsburys, Tesco and Boots sell them. have loads of advice on their website.
This is Nikwax's page for waterproofing outdoor clothing:…ORS

Choose your clothing type & it will tell you which product to use for cleaning & for waterproofing.
(Make sure you follow the instructions, including cleaning the soap dispensing drawer before using)
I buy the waterproof sprays from JJB for about £2.99 a tin - they are fine and seem to do the job on kids and OHs coats after washing
Wow, loads of info and advice there - thanks guys!
The tin of spray from JJB is highly flammable so not really recommended for clothing you are better with the NIKWAX wash ins they are great
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