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Posted 1st Jun 2022
Posting this in discussions as not sure if this should go in the freebies section or not.

To read The Telegraph online without having to be a paying subscriber...

Click on the Telegraph page you want.
Before scrolling, turn off your data and WiFi.
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    Posted 15 hours prior to this thread:…772

    or add some code to an adblock extension

    or simply bypass any paywall on any device, allegedly, via
    By me
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    Good info
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    Thank you for this OP and @Peesh great tip! (edited)
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    Wonder if this also works with the FT and Times articles?

    Stuff comes up in my feed sometimes....and I think oh that might be interesting and then you click and scroll and get that need to subscribe blocker and are unable to read any of the article.

    Thanks for posting 📫 tip!
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    Doesn't work. The paywall banner is the first thing to load for me
    Just tried it. Works fine.

    As soon as you click on the link immediately switch off your wifi/data.