Read this about vouchers for Marshal ward, littlewoods, etc

just been speakind to the Marshall ward people as my order discount has not been processed. I got my confirmation email with the discount when i placed the order but today when i looked at my account it was showing the order as full price. i phoned up to enquire and was told that the discount code only work if you have a credit account (pay monthly with interest) and you can only use one discount code per account . i.e one discount code for the life of your account.
any one else had this nonsense


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the worst thing is they dont email you to tell you that the code has not been accepted they just charge you the full amount.

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Just send the item back. It means you dont lose money. I know its a bit more hassle but at the end of the day of everyone did that then they would lose out! These vouchers have always been risky. everyone knows that

Thanks for this, I'll keep an eye out on my order turning up tomorrow.

I've never had a problem with Marshall Ward vouchers, but I wouldn't put it past those sneaky devils at HQ to scupper my great bargain hunting deals.


I got the dinner service from Marshall Ward, I must check and make sure they haven't taken too much money from my account or I'll have to return them all!

i ordered a phone using the discount vouchers and on the order confirmation email it showed the voucher being discounted to the original price of the phone.

however when i checked my account they had taken the full amount. i phoned them and they said they would put it back into my account which they did about a week after the phone call.

i got the phone i wanted for the price but was a bit of a hassle about the discount but its all good.

Same thing happened to me. Discount code was applied in the confirmation email but full amount was charged to the CC. When I called them in they promised to credit my account in two weeks and they did apply the credit.
Wouldn't buy from them again because of the hassle.

they are trying to con your out


i have used the same voucher with debit card

it worked fine

another person used the SAME voucher as me- didnt get the voucher applied- they got told the same excuse you got told


bascially complain, complain and complain some more

state why does your site apply the voucher in the debit card field etc

keep blagging to them:thumbsup:

Unfortuatley this is getting more and more common with retailers i.e the recent Debenhams codes.
If you do fall victim of this, report it to [url][/url] , and hopefully they will take action.
[url][/url] is also a place to seek advice in the forums.
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