Reading disc error in just dance 2

Found 18th Feb 2011

So the missus got the evil game for christmas but quite often during songs the game pauses to black screen with 'reading disc...' as if its buffering before resuming the track.

The game is bad enough without this making it worse.

The disc itself seems ok, a very faint scratch but nothing id have thought would cause a problem. No other game does it afaik.

Have tried a google and there are a couple of references to it (usually copies on modded wiis) but nothing that would suggest its widespread.

Is this common 'feature' and people just accept it or you think tesco would take it back (unfortunately not to keep) and replace it with a 'good' copy?
(bought 3 months ago)

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Can you try thedisc in another wii system? If it works with bringing up error then i would say its the drive in you wii, You can get a disto clean the lens on the drive could work
I had this and had to change the optical lense, which was quite easy and only cost 18 quid
still think its a potential wii problem even though no other game i have has done this? (including just dance 1)
will see if i can get it tried on another wii in a few days maybe
thanks for replies.
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