Reading this website makes me depressed. Why?

    Perhaps this is a symptom of using the Internet generally but reading this website is starting to make me depressed. It's all the same crap :-

    - £5 off £80 shopping at Tesco I'M NOT INTERESTED
    - £1 voucher at CD-WOW I DON'T CARE
    - Handheld Dyson only £99. CRAP
    - 160GB, Twin-tuner, Freeview, double-scart, blah blah blah from ALDI. For £99. And guess what - they don't work. WHAT A SURPRISE.
    - And don't get me started on flat screen TVs ...

    I need somebody to tell me to get a life. I do sometimes feel like throwing this bloody PC out of the window. I'd better just make sure that somebody videos me doing it for youtube :-(

    On the bright side, perhaps some quack will tell me that Internet addiction (is that my problem ?) is an illness and I can get some days off work...

    Hope you're having a nice day.


    :giggle: little bit random but funny

    If you aren't bothered about bargains and saving a bit on your weekly shop, just head here.

    My post was £12 off £80 at Tesco as well.:p

    Or go for a walk.:-D…097

    RRP: £9.99
    Price: £6.59
    You Save: £3.40 (34%)

    Original Poster


    ] £9.99 Price: £6.59 You Save: £3.40 (34%)

    Now how could I possibly complain about that.:whistling:

    [SIZE=2]I can't beeeelieeevveee it !! Victor Meldrew is on hotukdeals !!![/SIZE]


    [SIZE=2]I can't beeeelieeevveee it !! Victor Meldrew is on hotukdeals … [SIZE=2]I can't beeeelieeevveee it !! Victor Meldrew is on hotukdeals !!![/SIZE]

    Hehe Come on grumpycrab and post the deals YOU like ;-)
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