readly 3 months for 99 plus free £10.10 FREE @ Topcashback

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get readly 3 months for 99 plus free £10.10

get a free trial of 2 week of readly 2 Week Free Trial
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Does anyone know how easy it is to cancel?
Btw my what was I don’t understand
The description makes no sense
Just done the 99p for £10 but haven't had a cashback confirmation yet. Used the tcb app logged in to my account
Please can somebody explain this to me
TimeFor_Tech9 m ago

Please can somebody explain this to me

Basically, it's Really subscriptions. A magazine service with good selection imo.

Sign up for 3 month for 99p will bag you £10.10 cashback, making £9.11 is what you'll actually profit in the end.

2 for 1 offer costing £7.99 will also get £10.10, making £2.11 what you'll actually profit in the end.

A two week free trial will get you £5.05 profit in the end.

Best option is the 3 months for 99p and get £9.11 back. However mine is tracking at £8.08 and not £10.10 atm so there may be some variation or it may just take time to adjust

Correct me if I'm wrong please
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Bought 99p for 3 months and then canceled in the account straight after. Says re-activate and runs until November (3months).

Just waiting for TCB email now! Cheers

Edit: Got the email, currently tracking at £8.40, estimated payable: 6 weeks.
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Ditto here with the £8.08 pending. Will use for a month, maybe two...
Thanks op
Does anyone know if you’ve recently done the 14 day one with cash-back can you do the 99p 3 months with cash back
shakey19813 h, 44 m ago

Oh shit I put in discussions instead of deals

It probably got moved I don’t think cash back site are allowed on the deals boards only in discussion.

Thanks for sharing
I did this over a month ago for the free £5 and it's still pending, but that's understandable since it's cashback.

@mocmocamoc Cancellation process is really easy, it's done online.
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