ready made Gingerbread house

Found 3rd Dec 2009
Last xmas Tesco had a gingerbread house wrapped in cellophane all ready made on a board this year ive not seen any in the larger supermarkets
Can anyone see if there are any around and what price
a nice one if possible ready made only
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am sure M and S had one .....god maybe that was last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!eeeek .......no im sure it was a few weeks ago...lol
Thank i will go see
Saw one in Aldi's last week.
Bakeries normally do them

I know for definite that Waterfields do them

Saw one in Aldi's last week.

for five pounds
Aldi usually do them at Christmas - they look fab and taste yummy. Haven't been in my local store for a few weeks but would be surprised if they don't have them in.
I saw them in tesco the other day but can't remember if they were £9.99 or £12.99 but they were def there by the fresh bread they were decorate your own biscuits for the tree there too.
I saw them in Selfridges on Monday but didn't look at the price!
Still in Aldi this week.
Ikea do them in the sweedish shop to!

I always decorate one on Chritmas eve with the kids!
Tesco are doing them, saw today
thanks all sorry to thank you all delayed :oops:
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